A Business Networking Platform where No Scammy Behaviour can Benefit

Knott utilizes blockhain and smart contracts to make sure the only way one can benefit is by paying forward to maximize benefit of others, which makes it impossible for scammy actions with self-interest to only pursue one's private gain.

Today's Business Networking is Broken

It is hard to TRUST anyone when the benevolent are taken advantage of by the malevolent
etworking platforms are flooded with spammy messages
Recruiters are randomly mass-sending messages to earn margin for connecting good looking profiles to startups. They don't care about your career, they just want money. Consultants spam for their business too. Online business networking platforms are not functioning with those who abuse and misuse the systems.
ood introductions are underappreciated whilist bad ones are overcharged
It takes a fair amount of time and a good coordination to connect people in your circle. Yet many times your good introductions are underappreciated and you get nothing in return. Other times some are overcharging for seemingly random hook-ups between you and a person you benefit nothing from.
anguage and geographic barriers make it harder to be internationally connected
Business operations are ruled by local laws and regulations. With the current frameworks of business networking where many are trying to spam and trick the less-informed, it isn't easy to get connected with the right people you can trust in the local business when you explore a new territory.
Knott platform solves these problems by tokenizing your TRUST in the right way

Pay it Forward to Maximize Benefit of Others

What if the only way to earn TRUST is by paying it forward to benefit others?

One of the founders of Knott came up with a new type of consensus protocol he named Delegated Proof of Reputation (DPOR) to implement the pay-it-forward structure on blockchain based platforms early in 2018.

Two Simple Principles

1You have to risk your own reputation to assess others.

2You cannot use your reputation for your own benefit.

These two very simple principles prevent self-interested behaviours from thriving at the core of the platform.

How & Why Knott Works

Instead of money, you earn TRUST which is exchangable with FIAT only by others, but not by you
urchase Knott Token (=TRUST)
You can only purchase 100 Knott Token. This is not a game for the rich. Knott makes it fair for everyone joining the platform to let anyone start off with the same amount of TRUST.
sk for an Introduction
Put up an asking order about who you would like to connect with, so people with the right connections can find it. You don't have to pay for intros. Instead you will have a chance to exchange your TRUST after the meeting.
ffer the Introduction
Offer an introduction if you find an asking order you can help with through your connection. Your intro will be assessed later if it was a good fit. Make absolute sure that you build TRUST through your introductions.
ssess the Introduction
After being introduced to a suggested person on the 3 way agreement, you will assess the introduction. You can either GIVE or TAKE Knot Token from the introducer. The number of Knot Token represents your reputation score (=TRUST).
end your TRUST
By default, you can only be matched against the people on the same TRUST level. However, you can temporarily lend your TRUST to someone you TRUST, so he/she can leap up the TRUST level to connect with people with a higher TRUST level.
itch your project
Knott is not only a business networking platform but also a place entrepreneurs and developers can pitch their products and raise money. We will provide them with a built-in toolkit such as a state of the art CMS and a landing page generater.
nvest your TRUST
Knott Token is exchangable with FIAT, but there is a condition - the 2nd princible of DPOR. You cannot exchange your own Knott Token yourself. You need to invest your TRUST in projects someone else is pitching. This way ones with high TRUST becomes the ecosystem designers.
xchange invested TRUST with FIAT
After your project is funded with someone else's TRUST, you can exchange the Knott Token with FIAT. This is the only exit of Knott Token out of the platform, which means all the value generated on the Knott platform will be used for innovation. Not a penny wasted for self-interested, ego-driven nonsense.
nnovate with TRUSTed People & Fund
After you found the right people to do business with or work with, and your project was funded with Knott Token, now is the time for you to go full throttle towards innovation with your TRUSTed team. Knott especially aims to help micro-entrepreneurs by bringing equal opportunities to anyone with the pay-it-forward structure.


We are launching a business networking platform first, and later adding fundraising flows for entrepreneurs


Knott was founded by an ex-Googler and a multi-award-winning developer based in Berlin, Germany
Keiichiro Kay Yano
CEO / Ex-Google, Ex-Salesforce
Tomoya Nagasawa
CTO / Blockchain, NLP, Full-Stack

Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for TRUST

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